An Excellent Alternative to Replacing Your uPVC Windows & Doors

Replacing the uPVC windows of a property is a costly exercise, the price of modern windows can run into the thousands, so it is not something a homeowner looks forward to. There comes a time when there is no putting it off any longer and something must be done about your ageing and faded windows. If I said there is a home improvement that for around 25% of cost of full replacements could transform your existing windows and extend their lifespan for another 10 – 15 years, would you be interested? The superb process I’m referring to is a fast, efficient, and becoming increasingly popular in the home improvement world, what talking about is uPVC paint spraying.

What Is uPVC Spraying?

The process involves using state of the art equipment to spray the uPVC surfaces with a modern specially formulated paints, they bond with the plastic surface and create a protective layer shielding the windows from weather and UV rays. There is no limit to your colour choice and the spraying process can also be used on garage doors, facias, gutters, and any other uPVC fixtures on the exterior of your home. Using the process instantly elevates the aesthetic appearance giving you the home of your dreams or making it an excellent choice for prospective buyers. Let’s look more closely at the process now.

The Spraying Process

The uPVC window spraying process is normally completed by an experienced team in a single day without any building work or internal disruption, the process follows these steps –

  • The area is cleared of any obstructions and plastic sheeting is laid down to prevent any overspray.
  • Surfaces are then cleaned and degreased with specialist products.
  • Mastic sealant is then removed to ensure a full coverage of paint.
  • The surfaces are rubbed with an abrasive to ensure a proper bond between the plastic and the paint.
  • Masking tape is then applied to avoid overspray on glass surfaces.
  • Using specialised equipment, the paint is applied in a mist coat followed by two further coats.
  • The masking tape is removed, and mastic sealant is re-applied in a matching colour.

The team will then clear the area leaving you with a superb new look that instantly increases the value of your home. This versatile process can also transform tired conservatories, dated sunrooms and faded summer houses.

Benefits Of uPVC Spraying

Utilising this superb versatile process saves you the homeowner a great deal of money, but it also has a number of other tangible benefits which include –

  • Protection from the elements.
  • No hassle, fast efficient work with immediate results.
  • Great choice of different colours and finishes to choose.
  • Increase in property value.

The process is also being used internally to revitalise tired kitchens, the same spraying process can transform cupboard doors, drawer fronts and plinths to modernise it for a fraction of the cost.

If you’re worried about the extensive cost of replacement windows and doors then the solution might be at hand, give your local uPVC spraying specialist a call today.

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