Can a Locksmith Open a Door with a Key in It?


Many of us have experienced this scenario: locked out of our home or apartment and the key was still in it, perhaps even stuck inside the lock. Can a locksmith unlock a locked door with the key inside? The answer is yes. What you can expect and how locksmiths deal with such tricky situations is described below.

Understanding the Problem

It can cause some complications when a key is accidentally left inside the lock. The majority of locks are designed so that if you insert a key on one side and another key is in the opposite lock, the new key will not be able to turn the lock. The key inside the lock may be blocking the mechanism which allows it to turn. Locksmiths have to use special tools and techniques to unlock a door in such situations.

Locksmith Techniques

  1. Lock Manipulation & Bumping

Lock manipulation is one of the most common techniques locksmiths use. This involves the use of specialized tools in order to pick the lock. This method is difficult to master and requires extensive knowledge of the lock type. A “lock bumping” method involves inserting a specially designed bump key and tapping it to create vibrations that temporarily align the pins of the lock, allowing it to be turned.

  1. Using a double-sided key

The locksmith may use a two-sided lock to push the key from the lock. To avoid damaging the lock, this method requires precision.

  1. Bypassing the Lock

Locksmiths may bypass a lock completely, depending on its design. In some cases, locksmiths may use tools to manipulate the lock directly.

  1. Drilling the Lock

In a desperate attempt, a locksmith may drill the lock. The lock is drilled to allow it to be opened manually. It is effective but usually requires the lock to be replaced.

What to Expect

You can expect that a locksmith who is called to open a locked door will use a professional method. The locksmith will assess the situation first and then determine the best way to proceed. Locksmiths will try to avoid damaging your door and lock whenever possible.

Prevention Tips

Consider these measures to avoid this scenario:

  • Modern electronic locks are capable of preventing such problems.
  • Spare keys:Store a spare with a neighbor you trust or in an accessible, secure location.
  • Consider upgrading to a dual-sided lock if you find yourself dealing with this problem frequently.

A locksmith can open a locked door using different techniques, depending on the lock type and circumstances. Locksmiths can handle this situation efficiently and effectively, even though it may seem like a minor crisis.

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