Identifying Bed Bugs – How to Know that Your House is Infected

Needless to say, bed bugs are a nuisance and can disturb your sleeping cycle. These pests can create havoc in the house. Even your pets and children might be at risk, if you have bed bugs at home. Bed bugs can infest your bedding too. So, you need to be vigilant in order to remove the pest from your home. Here, in this article, we will discuss in detail how you can identify bed bugs with ease.

How do bed bugs look like?

Bed bugs are small flat shaped looking insects. Roughly they are 4-5 millimetres in length and can be hard to locate. They have an oval structure without any wings. They move very slowly and are nocturnal. This is one main reason you may not see a bed bug in your house in the morning. However, they have the ability to camouflage themselves and take a reddish blue hue after they have fed off themselves with the blood. If you ever detect small brown seed like structures in your bed, you must get professional help.

Detecting them visually

The best time to find bed bug is in the late evening. You must have proper lightning in order to find them. Take help of a magnifying glass if you want you. Look for these insects in the creases of the bed and corners of the mattress.


Foul smell will emanate when you enter your bed room after a long period of time. It is advised that you must not use any room scent when you are detecting these insects. These bugs release strong and bad pheromones which can be a sign of large bug infestation. The smell will somewhat resemble a strong musky smell coming from a dirty gym locker room or like a wet towel. This is a sign you must not ignore.

Bed bug bites

The first and foremost sign that indicate the presence of bed bugs is when you get bitten. Hence, bite marks are important for bug detection. However, not all bug bites are the same. The early bites may go unnoticed as they are very minute small red dots scattered all over your body. As these bugs will grow and mature, you will notice clusters of marks on your back which can be severely itchy. These bites can also look like red marks.

Urine and faeces

Since these bugs infest your beds, the look of your mattress can be completely damaged. As these bugs travel across the bed you will find urine stains across your bedding. These stains are mostly seen near the site of infestation. You might see light brown lines at the corner of your mattress.

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