Sometimes we Just Need More Space To Live.

For many of us just starting out on the property ladder, we tried to buy our first home with our budget in mind. We would of course love to buy a much bigger property, but that it isn’t feasible at the moment and so we have to settle for something a little smaller. The inevitable changes will happen and you will have additional children and before you know it, you’ve ran out of space and your children are letting you know that they need more space to grow. This is when you have to make a decision with regard to what it is that you need to do and you could sell up and move, but there is a reason why you chose this particular neighbourhood and it’s probably because of the excellent schools and how close it is to your work and to local stores. Many people decide to make some changes to the current property to create some much needed extra space.

Many property owners consider a knock down rebuild in Canberra cost is a major factor here and the great news is that a knock down and rebuild is a lot more affordable than you thought it would be. When you look at the other option which is having to buy a completely new property, then this is definitely the much cheaper choice. There are a number of things that you can do to your property to create more space and we will explore some of them here today.

Convert that garage – Many of us have a garage and we do have a car, but we don’t actually put the vehicle in there. We generally leave it on the drive where we have easy access to it and this means that the garage is full of clutter and rubbish that you will never use again but you just won’t throw it away. This is the perfect place to build something like a granny flat and that is one additional room for one of your older kids. They will be over the moon that they get their very own space that is both private and comfortable.

Convert that attic – If you were to go into any attic in any home all across Australia right now, you would probably find something like a Christmas tree up there, a water tank and nothing else. This is space that is going to waste when it could be easily turned into an additional room for your home. Once you have it converted, your kids will actually be fighting over who gets this particular space because it is going to be at the top of the house and if you install a sky light in the roof, then they can look at the stars as they doze off to sleep.

In the very unlikely event that you have already utilised these spaces, then your only option might be to knock down a particular part of your current property and then get planning permission so that you can rebuild something more useful.

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