Tips on how to choose your surfboard

 You feel on top of the world. Having arrived in Australia initially on a working holiday from the UK, you met the partner of your dreams and after a wonderful year together have decided not to waste any more time and get married allowing you to remain in the country. What a result!

Aside from your cherished loved one there are the beautiful climate, living near to the coast and a wonderful “can do” attitude in the air. You cannot wait to get stuck into married life and try new adventures, deciding that one of the first will be to give surfing a proper go. You have had a play on it, but now want to give it a proper go, but before you start you want to check out the available surf brands in Australia.

A great way to do this is to check out expert stores online. You want the best so it is a great idea to choose a store that offers the very best boards and equipment from around the world, although you would prefer to show early signs of patriotism and go with Aussie gear.

Selecting a store stocked and run by surfers with decades of experience ensures that you are buying and learning from experts who are likely to have tried out the products they sell to be able to give honest reviews.

But how do you know how to choose a surfboard that fits your requirements? Here are a few basic pointers.

  • You need to know where you will be surfing and what type of wave you will be riding. Advice again will be available as the surfers at the shop are likely to have ridden there.
  • Ability and level of fitness are both important factors when making your selection.
  • If you are at the beginning, come intermediate level, you are likely to ride waves straight and do some paddling. The board you would require for that is different to those at an advanced level who would use a heavier board.
  • Surfboards also come in different shapes for different requirements. For instance, you would choose a rounded nose for increased buoyancy and paddling whereas for selection to ensure reduced drag would be a pointed nose.

There are many boards available to suit all levels and what the rider is aiming at, but at all times the best course of action is to speak to experienced surfers running a specialist shop.

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