Ultimate Buying Guide for an Accessory Dwelling Unit

Due to the growing worldwide population, there has been a shortage of quality housing facilities due to land shortages. Accessory dwelling units are coming in handy to solve this issue. They serve as ideal cost-effective living spaces that have proven to be a long-lasting solution. It is a perfect idea to purchase or construct an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), and the following tips could come in handy.

Definition of Accessory Dwelling Units

This is a detached building which is located on another larger property. Most ADUs come with a separate entrance from the main building, thus providing a chance for independent living. Accessory dwelling units are usually smaller than the main building, thus ideal for a small family.

Types of ADUs

Detached ADU

These units are detached from the main building and located in the backyards. Detached ADUs are a great option if you want to value your privacy. Before purchasing a detached ADU, you need to go through the legal accessory apartment agreement guidelines to mitigate any conflicts. With detached ADUs, you also enjoy your amenities and some independence from your neighbors.

Attached ADU

These are accessory dwelling units attached to the main or another building. In this ADU type, there is no separate entrance or exit, thus, and you need to share the main entrance. Since these ADU types are connected to another house, the bills are cost-shared between the two houses.

Garage conversions

You can convert your garage to become an accessory dwelling unit. A property with a detached garage may serve as a detached ADU, while one with an attached garage will serve as an attached ADU.

Interior ADUs

They are dwelling units formulated by converting part of an existing house. Basements mainly serve as interior ADUs since they have basic amenities such as plumbing, wiring, and insulation already installed; thus, only the interior will need some workmanship. The privacy of the main house occupants is more likely to be distorted if they don’t have a separate entrance.

Understanding the Benefits of ADU

Before purchasing or constructing an accessory dwelling unit, you need to understand some of the benefits. First and foremost, ADU can become a source of income if you rent it out or even sell it. When renting out an ADU in your compound, ensure you sign an agreement with your potential tenant.

An ADU will also increase your property value if you need to sell your whole property. ADUs also enable you to settle your mortgage faster, more so when you rent it out. It also requires less energy and time to maintain and construct.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing An ADU

Size of the ADU

You should ensure that the ADU you intend to purchase will be able to accommodate your needs. The unit should be spacious enough to fit all your belongings with ease.

Type of ADU

As mentioned previously, there are different types of ADUs in the market. You should aim to purchase a unit that will guarantee you maximum privacy. While choosing the best ADU type, look at the amenities that come with the unit.


The price of an ADU may vary depending on its size, location, materials used to construct it, and amenities. Ensure you purchase a unit within your budget to avoid straining financially. Consulting with realtors around your region will play a vital role in enabling you to locate a unit that is within your budget.

An accessory dwelling unit has many benefits, and it may be a great idea for any new homeowner to try them out. By purchasing an ADU, you will cut down the costs involved in construction.

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